Thanks for choosing Book2World for your translation needs! You rock! Now that you’ve signed the contracts, there is additional information that we need from you. It stinks, I know, but it’s a lot less work than it would be if you were doing this entire process on your own. We’re all about saving you time, if we can!

We’ve got a quick task list for you and then we’ll be on our way!

Your Tasks

  1. Take the manuscript you’re having translated and save it in a Microsoft Word compatible format. We prefer DOCX, but any compatible format is fine. Inside the manuscript file, you should have the following at the top of your document in ENGLISH:
    • Your Book Title
    • Your Series Title (if applicable)
    • Your Amazon Keywords or Keywords you’d like translated into your chosen language.
    • Your Book’s Blurb/Description
  2. Next, upload your Word Compatible file to the Customer Portal Google Drive Folder HERE.
  3. That’s it! We’ll get your book translated and scheduled for editing ASAP. Keep an eye on your email for updates throughout the process!